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We help corporate bodies create synergy by providing its leaders and their people with training in the psychology and sociology of human dynamics, because when people learn how to overcome unhealthy mindsets, dysfunctional thinking and "me-centered" behavior then the corporate body can't help but thrive and achieve its vision and purpose. Our training empowers leaders with the power to establish harmony and unity of purpose in their people, thereby creating a culture for enhanced performance and prosperity.

Aararat teaches your people how to put the corporation's needs above their own, by teaching them to understand that unless they look after the corporation, the corporation can't look after them. Aararat teaches every "body" how to look after the corporate body.

The Bible, the book of Genesis tells of how God is distressed by mankind's selfish antagonistic behaviour towards one another. Rather than work alongside each other, they work against one another. So God institutes a major form of change management. He decides to flood the entire world, save for Noah, his three sons and their wives who escape the flood by way of a giant Ark filled with animals to repopulate the earth and start anew. When the flood waters finally recede, the Ark lands on the top of Mount Aararat and mankind is offered a new beginning to recreate the kind of community and harmony He had always wanted.

This is the vision of Aararat Consulting. To recreate in corporate cultures a renewed vision for peace, harmony and productivity focused on the health and welfare of the entire corporate community, and a refreshing spirit for positive change.

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