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Degradative process in which any part of the body, if not nurtured, will weaken; be that muscle groups, lung capacity or brain function

This principle has a parallel for corporations – any system or department within your corporate structure that is not nurtured, will also weaken.

As all parts of the body depend synergistically on the other parts for optimal performance, all departments within your corporate structure need to be healthy to achieve optimal performance and profitability.

When one part of your corporation weakens, it affects the health and welfare of all the other parts of the entire corporate body. The progressive weakening of the body is the process of “atrophy” and the etiological roots of corporate atrophy are virtually always within the mindsets of the workforce.

The 3 largest contributing factors to corporate atrophy are complacency, apathy and despondency. Aararat teaches corporate leaders, executives and managers how to examine the causes behind corporate atrophy and then cure them.

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